Best Souvenir in Bali

Popular Cookware and Authentic Souvenir

Not sure what cookware and tableware you should check out while visiting Bali?  Here are popular Balinese cookware and authentic souvenir that are worth bringing back in your suitcase from the island. With limited suitcase space, we understand that we can’t suggest everything. Balinese stuff are full of creativity and wood. For many people it sometimes face difficulty finding certain Balinese cookware or souvenirs. If you’re lucky, you may be able to purchase these items easily where you are. These items are pretty difficult to find and some others are easy as it sold by merchant in traditional market. 


The first Popular Balinese cookware and authentic Souvenir you must have is wooden ladles. For true story, some people had a really hard time finding the perfect ladle for serving their homemade soup. It might sound picky, but Balinese ladles are perfect for every moment to try Let say the size, shape, angle of the stem, and the material of these ladles from Bali are just perfect, cute and environmentally-friendly 

Popular Balinese Cookware and Authentic Souvenir

Wooden Bowls for Rice and Soup 

Rice bowls and miso soup bowls are something that we use daily for many families. Bali has many variations of rice bowls and soup bowls. High-quality wooden soup bowls that are made in Bali are hard to find in any parts of the world. While you’re traveling in the island, grab some wooden bowls. They are light, easy to bring back, and make your daily soup more fun and elegant. Many of them are sold on the traditional market like Ubud and Kuta traditional market. Find the one that makes you smile whether the bowl has a cute cat drawing or beautiful form. 

Bamboo Baskets

Bamboo products are so much easier to find in Bali. The island of Gods offers amazing hand-woven bamboo products that are made in villages. There are a lot of bamboo specialized stores and you might spot them while traveling, especially when you visit Seminyak and Ubud. 

Best Souvernir in Bali

Noodle and Smoothies Bowls

Noodles and Smoothies bowls have a wide opening on the top with rim going outward.  This is especially helpful when your food has lots of toppings. If you’re a huge noodle and smoothies  fan, do get some the bowls when you’re in Bali. Good quality and good looking bowls are so hard to get in many parts of the world.  Find them on the traditional market for a cheap price. 

Chiffon Cake Pans

If you love baking using chiffon cakes, bought two some cake pans in Bali might be a good idea. Balinese chiffon cake pans are affordable and super easy to use. I has a slim and tall shape, which are great when comes to making beautiful looking chiffon cakes compared to a flatter angel food cake pan. From traditional to modern market, you could find it easily in Bali. 

Plates & Bowls 

Blessed with people filled with creative idea, Bali has so many things to offer. Especially ceramics from Bali that are so delicate, unique, and of course, handmade. It has many cute decoration and paint which you can use this special heirloom tableware.

Best Souvenirs in Bali for foodies

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