best local foods in Bali

Best Local Foods Must Try in Bali

Talking about a food is not as easy as we eat especially best local foods you should try while in the island. As old as civilization, the local culture has  affected local food that depicts the island’s past and present life. Below are the cuisine that plays a big part of culinary diversity in Bali. From the cuisine that only served on the big rites of passage in the past to top-notch local restaurant like Babi Guling or suckling pork, uniqueles and variation of  local dish that commonly time-honored. However, keep in mind that almost all of these meals are served with rice as the basic food for almost all the Asian cuisine. So, indulge in unique dining experience and enjoy the local taste. 

Babi Guling

The first list of best local foods must try in Bali is Babi Guling. Bali’s classic suckling pork dish or Babi Guling is the most widely known meal in Bali. There’s no place in Indonesia but Bali that well-known for this legendary cuisine. The pork meat is soft, juicy, imbued with garlic, ginger and turmeric that awaken a strong aroma. Commonly, Babi Guling served with rice, mixed vegetables, pork satay and additional crispy-skin of pork for a unique experience. Biting the crunchy crispy-skin is favorite part for foodies while getting this food. To make this food much more appetizing, some restaurants added spice mix that pops in mouth by infused the meat with spicy concoction. Unlike another local cuisine, however, Babi Guling need more preparation to serve. The roasting time takes approximately 60 minutes or more to make the pork skin crackles. 

In the past, a Babi Guling feast was usually reserved for big rites-of-passage celebrations such as  weddings and funerals. Furthermore, as huge waves of tourism Babi Guling has transformed into commercialised and dragging more and more people locally and internationally to taste it. So, popping up restaurants that served Babi Guling scattered throughout the island and one of the most popular is Babi Guling Candra in Teuku umar, Denpasar. 

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Nasi Campur Bali

Nasi Bali is mainly composed of rice with many different elements of Balinese delights like spicy sliced-chicken and eggs, sprinkled with peanuts and vegetables. Moreover, Balinese added red onion and spicy sauce or sambal to boost the appetite. However, in several restaurants Nasi Bali served with sate lilit or chicken satay and fish meat along with potato cake, tofu and soybean cake or tempeh. As easy as Babi Guling, Nasi Bali is easy to reach and we can get it from small eateries to top-notch restaurants. As we can see on assorted ingredients, Nasi Bali is a reflection of the diversity of  the island. It is rigorously authentic and well-presented. 

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Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs probably every tourist’s local food must try bucket list. That’s why some restaurants that dishes up glorious cut of Pork Ribs are soaring rapidly. This as the island predominantly consuming both of chicken and pork meat. So, certain restaurants are getting innovate of these meat. Balinese Pork Ribs are cut from the loin, the ribs then marinated with black paper, Balinese spices and  covered by original BBQ sauce. As the ribs cooked over charcoal and served hot from BBQ pit, we can feel the smoky scents and sweet sauces in the air. Above all, the yummy Balinese Pork Ribs commonly served either with rice or french fries. But  unlike other ribs, Balinese Pork Ribs are originally served with local sambal sauce that consist of onion. Furthermore, instead of using charcoal several restaurants are using coconut shell on grilled process for appetizing the flavour.  

Pork ribs, local foods in Bali should try.

Crispy Duck and Bebek Betutu

Balinese deep fried duck or smoked duck are two variations of many traditional duck dishes. One consists of duck that has been seasoned and then steamed or boiled before being deep-fried (bebek goreng). The other has the duck wrapped and marinated with local seasonings and then smoked for 24 hours (bebek betutu). Strong with seasoning and bold taste are the character of these cuisine. But, differ from any crispy duck that has been familiar in Asia, this food has its typical taste. Before the duck meat fried into the pan, the meat marinated with Balinese condiment. Soon after the meat absorbing the condiment the meet then fried which stimulated a crispy texture upon the meat. Another characteristic of Balinese Crispy Duck lies on the spicy sauce. Commonly it served with sambal matah, a spicy sauce that mixed with onion and garlic. This sambal has made a distinctive flavour of  Crispy Duck where we can taste it in another food. It’s hot enough to make most people sweat and the heat flavour lingers. Moreover, the Crispy Duck served upon the banana leaf in several restaurants to bring classic ambience and increasing the aroma.  

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Your ultimate best local foods must try in Bali is Rujak. It is a dessert and snack. We might found Rujak in several regions in Indonesia like Rujak Cingur and Rujak Soto in East Java, as well as Rujak Manis and Gobet. To be distinguished from another Rujak, Balinese Rujak is mostly consist of fruits and many enjoyed as an appetizer or snack. There are two kinds of Balinese Rujak that being favorite of locals, Rujak Kuah Pindang and Rujak Bulung. Rujak Kuah Pindang is assorted fruit that mainly consist of sliced cucumber, manggo, guava, pineapple and bengkoang. All of these fruits then poured with a soup that originally combination of chili, shrimp paste and fish extraction. In another hand, Rujak Bulung mainly using seaweed rather than fruits and using a soup with the same combination as Rujak Kuah Pindang as well. As tropical area that almost received sunlight all year long, all forms of Balinese Rujak are suitable as the refreshingly flavour and juicy taste. We can find it in small eateries to restaurants. 

best local foods in Bali

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