Bali’s Best Mediterranean Food

Looking for Bali’s best Mediterranean food in Bali? Here is a list of authentic Mediterranean food on the island. Some of them are a fusion food as these are from a variety of different Mediterranean countries.  In addition, some of these are our own recipes. Most of the vegetable and bean dishes included are dripping in liquid gold. This is one of the reasons why they taste so good. Many of them are one-pot meals which makes them great for feeding your whole family.  Now, we all know that the entire island is struggling with the Covid-19. But don’t worry since many restaurants are still open and serve you with delivery order. Here are iconic Mediterranean foods in Bali that showcase the best eats this region has to offer.


This one should be obvious. Even though we think of Italian as a whole cuisine by itself, it’s technically still Mediterranean food. The Mediterranean has the best pizza in the whole world. Since the Mediterranean is home to so many fresh foods (like tomatoes), it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to pizza. You really haven’t lived until you’ve had pizza in Italy, right? 


Speaking of appetizers, hummus is another healthy way to begin a meal in the Mediterranean. Hummus is very popular in this island and the world and is made with ground chickpeas and sesame seeds, olive oil, lemon, and garlic. What makes Mediterranean hummus so special is that it’s often paired with fresh bread, fruits, and veggies. You just can’t beat that fresh goodness.


Even though it might sound common, the Mediterranean is home to some of the best salads in the world. Generally, Mediterranean foods are very healthy. It’s hard to find salads fresher than these and there are so many to choose from. As mentioned before, the Greek salad with feta is extremely popular. You can also go for a fresh tuna salad, Mediterranean Cobb salad, a zucchini ribbon salad with fresh balsamic, or even a potato salad. The list goes on and on. 

mediterranean food in Bali


Feta is a classic Mediterranean dairy product that can be enjoyed on Greek salads, paired with zucchini, or even as a simple feta and bread combination. Depending on what country you’re in, feta can be made from sheep’s, goat’s, or cow’s milk, or a combination. Not to mention, that Mediterranean feta is always fresh

Lentils and Yoghurt

lentils folded into yogurt, spinach, and basil is a Mediterranean classic that is yummy favourite among people. On their own, lentils and yogurt are very popular in this area and are consumed on the daily, even in the island and for those of you working toward that healthy Mediterranean bod. 

Bali’s Best Mediterranean Food


Spanakopita is a Greek dish that’s basically a spinach pie. It is a delicious savory Greek pie made of perfectly crispy layers of phyllo dough and a comforting filling of spinach and feta cheese. Perfect dish for every occasion. 


Being so close to the water, it’s no surprise that seafood appears a lot in Mediterranean dishes. That’s why there are so many seafood on Mediterranean list. Mediterranean seafood is fresh and you won’t regret at least trying it. It must be on your bucket list to find one of the best mediterranean seafood while in Bali.

Bali’s Best Mediterranean Food


Tapas are popular in Spain and can be served warm or cold, casual or fancier.  In some bars and restaurants in Bali, tapas have evolved into a more sophisticated cuisine. Tapas can be combined to make a full meal. 


We’re toward the end of our list of Bali’s Best Mediterranean Food, and it just wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t include gelato. No matter the flavor and no matter the country, gelato is the dessert that will never let you down. Since Bali is covered by tropical weather, a gelato is a perfect combination for all of your activity in the island.  

best gellato in bali

So, that’s all things you should know about Bali’s Best Mediterranean Food. If you are getting puzzled where to go for the best Mediterranean foods see the list here. And, open this link for more information about our Mediterranean menu.

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